Exhibition – A Memory


Summer vacations always meant
A mandatory visit to the exhibition.
A place filled with music,
Lights, fun and frolic.

The air carried the flavour
Of the stalls and shops.
Giving us a glimpse of what’s in store,
As we enter through the door.

The rides were the main attraction,
For all the children around.
Standing in the long queues we never felt sorry,
As we were about to make merry.

The Giant Wheel and Pirate Boat,
The Merry-Go-Round and Tora-Tora,
Pumped up our adrenaline,
And took us for a spin.

The stalls offered in plenty
Mouthwatering juices and snacks,
From cotton candies and spicy papads
To juices and yummy salads.

Loads of dresses and accessories,
Home decor and cutleries,
Handmade items to organic food,
Were there to suit one’s mood.

The hawkers sold magical stuff,
Light emitting tube and many more.
Alas, it always worked only for them,
And back home, we created a mayhem.

Oh! I forgot the crowd,
That was witnessing,
Mermaids and snake women.
God knows! I they are real humans!!

The bikers created a havoc
Without silencer, in the death ring.
I wondered if they rode,
The same way on the road.

All these are just memories,
Of a childhood, that we cherish,
I oft feel that we were blessed,
As many things, we only witnessed.


Photo by Dustin Humes on Unsplash

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