self realization

Hidden Hues

Delving deep into Oneself, brings out the varied Hues that were hidden.

Awaken the Artist Inside You

A stroke here and a stroke there, or Raising up the level of a building, or Testing one's taste buds, or Igniting the senses within, or Swaying to the tunes and beats,  The true artist lies within.    Arouse that little...


Anxiously I had waited, For this moment, all these days. This meeting meant a lot, As I saw this special person. A wonderful place with a Picturesque backdrop, Of the setting sun and the crimson sky, Proved to be an ideal...

A Meeting

The aroma of roasted coffee beans filled up the small, yet cosy coffee shop. The wooden furniture added charm to a perfect date setting. A casually dressed Kamala occupied the seat beside the window...

Intricacies of Life

The pristine, white monument, Stood tall and graceful. I looked up at it in awe, And was amazed with every step. . As I went closer, The intricate carvings, On the mighty walls Stole my sight and thoughts. . The intricacies did, indeed, Enhance the...

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