Intricacies of Life


The pristine, white monument,

Stood tall and graceful.

I looked up at it in awe,

And was amazed with every step.


As I went closer,

The intricate carvings,

On the mighty walls

Stole my sight and thoughts.


The intricacies did, indeed,

Enhance the beauty,

Of otherwise just a piece of stone,

To a layman’s eye.


My thoughts wandered,

To the tiny droplets of blood

And sweat that got sealed

Under the stroke of the brush.


The hands that ached,

The minds that thought,

The legs that stood tall,

Till the masterpiece evolved.


Isn’t life a beautiful weave,

Of such intricate emotions,

Pain, hardwork and feelings

Which often goes unheard.


Our smile and attire,

Our speech and actions

Mask the problems within,

Just like, the stroke of paint.


Those intricate carvings,

Taught me the lessons of life,

And to appreciate the external beauty,

Without forgetting the internal pain.


With these thoughts lingering,

I took one last look at,

The pristine white monument,

That stood tall and graceful.


Pic courtesy Ludomił Sawicki at Unsplash

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