Love of Rains

Rains, You quench The thirst of The parched,arid Earth and it's beings. The petrichor flags your Arrival on the lap of Nature, with your pitter-patter Oh! That urges the child within me To shed inhibitions and play with you.

Petrichor – An Acrostic

Pleasing smell of the Earth, so naked and naïve.  Tantalizing the olfactory nerves,  Reassuring the onset of the rain.  Intoxicating the poet who's Clouded with thoughts,  Hallucinating all the nature lovers,  Oh! Indeed a bliss it is and Rightly called the Petrichor.  Photo...


The station was bustling as usual The train was crowded than usual. I boarded the bogie quickly And rushed to my seat hastily. Slowly chugged the train To go past the terrain. The pretty girl sat by the window, And smiled...

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