The station was bustling as usual

The train was crowded than usual.

I boarded the bogie quickly

And rushed to my seat hastily.

Slowly chugged the train

To go past the terrain.

The pretty girl sat by the window,

And smiled as the breeze cajoled her

She burst into a non stop chatter,

As the clouds began to gather.

I enjoyed  her talks

And was soon lost in my thoughts.

“I wish I could tell you

how like the rain you are…”

These words shook me awake

My eyes opened to a young man

Who stood beside the girl

Holding her hand.

Anna*.. Called out the girl

Yes Kanmani**.. Came the reply,

As she picked up her stick and glasses.

She was an angel with blue eyes

Whose charm and chatter

Soothed the eyes and ears.

The sudden breeze carried the petrichor

And as I paced fast to reach the door

Her words echoed through my mind

It struck me at that moment

That she sensed him like a petrichor

Which makes us sense the rain.


Photo by Anna Atkins on Unsplash

*Anna – elder brother in Tamil

** Kanmani – pupil of the eye(literal meaning) ;used to  address children or beloved in Tamil


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