Awaken the Artist Inside You

A stroke here and a stroke there, or Raising up the level of a building, or Testing one's taste buds, or Igniting the senses within, or Swaying to the tunes and beats,  The true artist lies within.    Arouse that little...

Rise From the Ashes

A bright sunny morn, Just like any other dawn. Streets were bustling, With people hustling. The armed men did get signals But they didn't seem critical. The Enola Gray proved fatal As what it dropped was lethal. Down came at quarter past...

Just Let It Go

Too much of ego, Will fall on like a blow. So, just let it go. Too much of pride, Will stagger your stride. So, just let it go. Too much of jealousy, Will prove to be messy. So , just let it...

A Meeting

The aroma of roasted coffee beans filled up the small, yet cosy coffee shop. The wooden furniture added charm to a perfect date setting. A casually dressed Kamala occupied the seat beside the window...

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