Rise From the Ashes


A bright sunny morn,
Just like any other dawn.
Streets were bustling,
With people hustling.

The armed men did get signals
But they didn’t seem critical.
The Enola Gray proved fatal
As what it dropped was lethal.

Down came at quarter past eight,
The Little Boy, that sealed the fate.
It succeeded in reducing to minima,
The historic city of Hiroshima.

The big mushroom cloud,
Covered the city like a dark shroud.
That fateful day in August,
Was indeed the darkest.

Hiroshima was almost destroyed,
Anything left was , life, devoid.
But they rose from the ashes,
And became a lesson for the masses.

Hiroshima taught us to fight,
Till the last drop of our might.
Nothing is impossible said she,
With the willpower of thee.


Pic Courtesy : Sita Shankar

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