Sadhya – The Full Meal


The big green banana leaf,
Glistened in the light.
Nicely washed and cleaned,
All set to get decked.

In comes the creamy kheer,
Towards the bottom right,
Followed by the vegetable curries,
Adorning the top portion.

Pickles, chips and pappad,
Take their position on the left end,
The soupy lentil takes the center stage,
With Mr. Rice and a huge dollop of ghee.

Now enters the sambhar,
Followed by the tangy rasam,
And then, it’s kheer time,
For fulfilling the sweet tooth.

This meal isn’t complete,
Without our dear buttermilk.
It’s said to cool down the tummy,
After the heavy meal.

Sitting crossed legged on the floor,
Using hands to devour,
A typical meal on the banana leaf,
Is a must try in one’s life.

The sight of the laden leaf,
Treats the hungry eyes,
And the tasty food,
Fulfills the taste buds.

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