Women and Trees!!!

Birthing a life,  Ahh… that's a gift from God.  Like the trees,  We women, bear the joy.    Nurturing a tiny human,  Within us,  The feeling.. So surreal and divine too.    The pain that we bear,  Makes us strong.  But oft I wonder,  Is this inborn?    Like...

Cookie Catastrophe!!!

Clank! Clutter! Bangggg!!!  Ketchup and tomatoes lay strewn,  The vessels added to the decor.  Oh my! A catastrophe had badly hit My otherwise organized kitchen.    The puzzled me, yearned to find,  The root cause of the disaster.  I treaded precariously through...

Just a Day!!

Just a day to celebrate, The hours spent in taking care  Of a human within her and outside too?  Just a day to celebrate,  The pain that almost Costed her life, as she brought a life to light?  Just a...


Those two lines,  Were indeed the signs,  Of my greatest joy.    The phase ahead,  Was difficult to tread,  But, I did enjoy.    The result was a bliss,  As they planted a kiss,  Motherhood, Ahoy!! 

Mommy’s Plight

Days and nights, Oh! filled with shrill cries didn't stop, despite several tries, Oh! I can't, came the mother's sighs With teary eyes, with teary eyes.   Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Broken and Shattered

A stern face, confident eyes, A poised gait and mature look. Expressions were a miss, Making her look like ice. She was alone at home, Her family unknown. She was blamed by some, For living alone at home. Does she possess a...

U – Cord

The bond between a mom and a child, Starts much before birth And is made stronger As days pass by. . I look at God's creativity, In complete awe. Just wondering how he could Plan it the way it is. . The connection is...


The clinking sound resonates, With the motion of the hands, Near the womb, as it moves, The baby waves it's hands.   Photo by Nishta Sharma on Unsplash

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