The Musings of a Fallen Leaf

There i lay, Separated and alone. Desperate enough, To call someone my own.   Detached I was, From my home, And I now was, A building without a dome.   Tears trickles down my eyes  And drenched I was in it. Do I have a choice...


  Heavy on heart, Haunting the mind, Loss leaves an impression, That creates a void.   Loss, just four letters, Is a word that's inevitable, But dreaded by  Every human on earth.   Loss of a loved one, A dear one, Oh… that's hard, To adjust and move...

Women and Trees!!!

Birthing a life,  Ahh… that's a gift from God.  Like the trees,  We women, bear the joy.    Nurturing a tiny human,  Within us,  The feeling.. So surreal and divine too.    The pain that we bear,  Makes us strong.  But oft I wonder,  Is this inborn?    Like...

Gazing into the Unknown

  Eyes fixed lazily at the far off horizon thinking of unknown.   What future holds for Is indeed a mystery. So let's take a guess.


Man, is surrounded by inventions,  Inventions that speak of his intelligence,  Inventions that speak of misuse,  Inventions, both constructive and destructive.    Inventions that speak of his intelligence,  Make world a better place and Increase the quality of life.  Aren't they the...

The Magic Lamp

How I wish I had a lamp,  Just like Aladdin.  And as I rub the body,  A genie comes to fulfill my wishes".   Clatter! Bang! Clank!  These sounds woke me up,  And there was my kitchen,  All decorated with broken porcelain.    At...

The Carousel

Childhood was a nightmare for her,  As she didn't enjoy.  Nothing was normal like others,  As she was the sole breadwinner.    Her family, dependent on her, She forgot to enjoy life. Money, care and security  Was all that her little mind...

The Masked Reality

The drops of rain trickled down her face,  Peeling off the makeup layer.  Aghast were the people who saw,  Purple spots as the mask uncovered.    What they saw so far, wasn't the real she.  What was seen now, the...

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