The Carousel


Childhood was a nightmare for her, 

As she didn’t enjoy. 

Nothing was normal like others, 

As she was the sole breadwinner. 


Her family, dependent on her,

She forgot to enjoy life.

Money, care and security 

Was all that her little mind always thought.


Days passed and so did years

And thus came an eve,

When she visited a carnival, 

With her little children.


She watched them hop and dance,

In absolute glee and amusement.

Amidst their excitement,

The merry-go-round caught her eyes.


She slowly stepped ahead,

Hopped onto a horse and waited.

The carousel slowly started,

And this time her heart did flutter.


She breathed into the fresh air, 

As the rounds grew faster, 

She felt a kid at heart, 

And laughed like never before. 

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