armed forces

The Box that Spoke

The camp wore a somber look As the dark clouds of sorrow shrouded it.  The waft carried the stench of smoke,  Drenched in metal, blood and flesh.    As the smoke settled, the boxes came alive,  Wrapped in tri colour And...

Terracotta Men

  In the quest of immortality,  A palace was built,  To live after death.    It started when the emperor,  Was just in his teens Oh dear!    Twenty square miles it was,  Where the tomb was built,  It was no less than the palace,...

The Guiding Moonwake

The night, so silent and serene,  Dark was the blanket,  That engulfed everything.  Slowly brightened the sky,  As the moonwake, spread its light,  Revealing the secrets that chose to hide.  Shadows of moving mortals,  Fell upon the glistening sands,  And they moved...

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