The Girl in a Million


There, she walked with pride,
Dressed in red and in stride.
Her high heels spoke in depth,
Of her confidence in every step.

Her past is still a mystery,
For the followers in spree.
She did not shy away,
But no one wanted her to say.

She climbed the stairs of success,
As though, she never took a recess.
Now, it was time for her,
To reveal the stories behind her.

Her past was filled
With struggles and wishes unfulfilled,
All throughout her childhood,
Teenage and adulthood.

She was almost killed at birth,
As she was a girl on Earth.
She was mocked upon,
As she had scars on.

Her height, her colour and weight,
All were the problems in light.
Her better half used her for ecstasy,
And dumped her, as she couldn’t bore his legacy.

She was left all forlorn,
With no one to lean on.
She didn’t let herself down,
Instead gathered courage and moved on.

Her victory over miseries were learnings,
When happiness was just a yearning.
She is a real warrior,
Who emerged, breaking barriers.

She literally rose from ashes,
Like the bird of Phoenix.
An inspiration to all women,
She is indeed, “The Girl In A Million. “

Pic Courtesy : Bala Karthi N

Written keeping the title of Anitha Padanattil’s book – Girl in a Million in mind



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