Raining Drops of Rainbow Verses


Indrani Chowdhary’s Raining Drops of Rainbow Verses is a wonderful collection of poems written from her heart. The poems cover a myriad of topics ranging from People, Nature and places, musings etc.

Few of my favourites from each section are mentioned below

People and Relations

One Final Look, One Final Touch – The poignant verses tug the heart with every word. The emotions and pathos flow throughout the poem.

The Revenge of the House Lizard brings a smile to the face as it reminds us of the childhood days of facing the wriggling tail reptile on the wall.

Letters of Parvathi a memoir that takes us through the unhappy teenaged Parvathi, a love struck Parvathi and finally the widowed lady at twenty.

Nature and Places

Guwahati – Indrani’s description of her hometown is vivid and makes us yearn to visit that beautiful place.


Collage of Life – A take on the varied hues of life is worth a read.


My Mother’s Masala Magic – An open invitation for us to taste her mom’s food.. Well mom’s food is always delicious ain’t it?

Durgostav – Takes us on the pious journey of Durga Puja.

Published by Writefluence, Raining Drops of Rainbow Verses is priced at Rs 149/- and is sold by Notion Oress and delivered by Amazon at Raining Drops of Rainbow Verses


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