Paper Boat


The petrichor took me back,
To those wonderful days,
When apartments were unheard of
And we had lots of space to play.

The monsoon brought with it,
Some moments to be cherished.
Oh! How I wish, I had a time machine,
To go back to those times.

Off I went to school,
In my new attire,
Hoping that my dear rain,
Would drip down and kiss me bye.

The puddles were fun to play,
Though I feared a speeding car.
The paper boats that I set sail,
Made me Popeye, the sailor man.

I remember waking up at dawn,
Just to see if my boat has
Sailed fay away, or,
Just sank down the drain.

My thoughts took a jolt,
As the pitter patter hit the panes,
Off I rushed to the clothesline,
Thinking of my paper boat again.


Photo by Alex on Unsplash

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