Mother’s Anklets


Colours eluded him,
From the day he was born.
Sound he did befriend
From then on.

He had only his mom,
On whom he could lean on forever.
He saw her with his ears,
All through his life.

Her anklets were his guide,
In their sound, his heart did beat.
He yearned for that clink,
In his every breath.

He treasured her anklets,
Even after his mother left him alone.
He held it close to him,
As it lay across his neck.

Every time he heard the clink,
His happiness was at the peak
He felt his mother’s presence,
As each and every silver ball that hung.

He polished it clean,
And revered it like God.
It was his lucky charm,
After all, it was his mother’s anklets.

Photo by James V Sajeeve on Unsplash

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