Operation Pakistan – Terror Strike


Operation Pakistan – Terror Strike by Dwanye Pimenta. The title got my attention and I straight away started reading. 

Dwayne starts the book by introducing the characters which really helped in understanding and relating to them as we read through. 

Being an ardent follower of the valiant stories of our brave soldiers, this book obviously piqued my cells. Each and every character is nearly crafted and one gets the real picture of that person. 

Be it the National Security Advisor, the members of the special task force, the ISI head, every minute details of their routine and regime is detailed to perfection. 

The plot picks up pace from chapter 1 and maintains the pace and interest throughout. The planning, the execution and the great escape keeps the reader hooked to the book. 

The emotions are very well portrayed too. Be it the affection Colonel Phillips has towards his ‘parents’ and niece, his loyalty towards his nation, the emotions of Capt. Lucky and the fatherly affection displayed by Lt. Gen. Bhalli, brings out the warmth that these men of steel can shower. 

This book is written so well that it can be a star on the silver screen too. Wishing Dwayne all success in his future works and awaiting to read him pretty soon in the sequel of this thriller.

Operation Pakistan – Terror Strike is available on Amazon.


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