Mute Witness


Alone she stood, along the unwinding shores

Of the vast sea that rumbled often. 

The bouncy waves caressed her legs, 

And danced around her like a little child. 


The rumblings that echoed, spoke in volumes

Of the notes of love exchanged there. 

She, witnessed all of those, 

As a mute spectator, who just stood still. 


She witnessed love blossoming, 

Into relationships really deep and strong. 

She witnessed the other extreme too, 

When lifeless bodies hit hard on her legs. 


Was she conversing with the waves, 

About the love that perished on that shore? 

Was she trying to gauge, if the depth was more

On the shore or at the sea bed? 


There she stood, as a lone witness, 

She, the bench, cradled and caressed love, 

Saw them flourish and perish. 

She, the bench was the mute spectator. 


Image Courtesy : Tenzin Lhawang

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