Hiraeth, Partition stories from 1947


Hiraeth, Partition stories from 1947 : The title and the cover of this book are really unique and special. The title piqued the history fanatic in me and the cover conveyed the depth of the book. 

As the author Dr. Shivani Salil mentions that the book is inspired by true events, the interest to read through is magnified in multitudes. 

The chapter names in Urdu / Hindi gives that instant connection. Each and every character feels so close and their emotions expressed aptly by the author resonates with the reader. 

The cries of anger, anguish, despair and separation echoes in our ears even days after reading. 

I wouldn’t be doing justice if I choose one or two chapters to mention here in my review as every chapter became close to heart and mind. 

As a reader, you empathize with every character as though they are your own. Such is the power of Shivani’s words. 

This book is a must read for all who have read about or experienced partition and also for those who haven’t read about it yet. 

Written by Dr. Shivani Salil and published by Room 9 publications, this book is available on Amazon and on GoodReads too.

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