La Javvaab Pizza


Pizza… one starts drooling hearing the name. Each and every ingredient has an impact and contributes to creating a yummy treat to the palette.

Here, we have 8 wonderful people bringing out stories and poems that ooze out the characteristics of the pizza ingredients. Flour, yeast, mushroom, bell peppers, basil, onion, ketchup and cheese come to life as characters in La Javvaab. The intricate features and uniqueness of each ingredient is brought out well by the writers.

The depiction of Bell Peppers, Mushroom, Yeast and Cheese stand out for me.

It is a breezy read filled with emotions and life’s ride.

The name La Javvaab is another highlight. It is formed taking the letters from the names of all the eight authors.

You can grab a copy of this delicious pizza from Amazon

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