Girl n a Million


Girl in a Million written by Anitha Padanattil and published by the Room 9 Publications is a beautiful story about friendship. The narration started in Ooty where the 4 girl ganga Zenana is formed. Each member of the gang is unique and probably that’s what brings them too close to eachother. Sagarika, our protagonist is a strong headed girl, who later on becomes a successful doctor. The story revovles around her mainly. The slices of life showcasing the journey of her friends is really gripping. Their courage and the way they faced some bitter memories are vividly explained.

Apart from Sagarika, Marge found a place in my heart. A girl riding the bullet and running a successful mechanic shop really deserves a bow.

The novel takes one back to the school days and makes us miss the girl gangs back in school. It is a worthy read for those who value friendships.

Anitha has made her readers eagerly wait for more in the offerings from her.


The book is priced at Rs 229 for the print edition and is available on Kindle Unlimited too. The book can be purchased from Amazon Girl in a Million

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