He was called a snob, 

As he failed to make friends. 

He seldom spoke, 

And preferred to stay alone. 


He chose library

Over any party, 

His parents worried, 

That his life would be empty. 


He reassured them, 

That he wasn’t alone. 

And welcomed them, 

To his beautiful den. 


Awed in surprise, 

The parents were astonished, 

As they entered his room, 

Well lit and beautiful. 


There were books all around, 

About literature, science, world and people. 

Some with pictures 

And some, with only words. 


“See my universe!!”

He exclaimed in glee. 

“I ain’t alone here, 

The whole world is with me. 


Don’t you worry, 

I am happy here. 

These books listen and talk to me, 

And show me around the world. 


There can’t be better friends, 

Than these books you see.

I love their smell and the paper rustle

And I proudly call myself a Bibliobibuli”.


Note : Bibliobibuli is someone who reads too much


Photo by Hamza NOUASRIA on Unsplash

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