Better Late Than Never


Better late than never goes the adage, 

Realizing that, oh! Indeed, it takes time. 


It was all lovely, like a fairy tale, 

For the coy and young bride. 

She enjoyed the new phase of life, 

Lest she knew, it melted fast like ice cream. 


The small pebbles and cracks, 

Grew big and wider as days progressed. 

The final nail was hit, 

When she gave birth to a girl. 


The mother, that she was now, 

Couldn’t take it anymore. 

She wanted to be a brave mother, 

For her daughter to idolize and grow. 


She read a poster that said, 

Better late than never

That stirred her soul

And she decided to walk out in stride. 


A right decision that’s taken, 

No matter the delay, 

Always takes us forward, 

In our life’s relay.

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