Adieus No Never..


The streets of Teacher’s Colony

Reverberated in our cacophony. 

Each and every brick

And the minute sand particle, 

Seemed to know us well. 


We shared the room

And our soul as well,

We laughed together, 

And shouldered the cry. 

Words weren’t needed to convey

Our mood and thoughts, 

Oh! That was the camaraderie we shared

As the glances spoke our hearts out. 


We shared secrets,

Both good and bad, 

We knew what the other was going through. 

Days went by and we were destined

To be separated by distance, 

But our hearts and souls 

Well, they are inseparable even now. 


No adieus can be told forever, 

As we dwell in each other’s thoughts you see. 

You’re never missed my dear gals, 

As my heart beats for thee. 


Photo by Antonino Visalli on Unsplash

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