A Conversation


” We are the jewels

The jewels of the family. 

The family swells with pride, 

Pride of our achievements you see. 

You see us shining on, 

On the branches over generations. 

Generations, who are old to carry the load, 

The load of expectations”. 

Said the grandchildren.

Grandpa smiled and replied,

“You say, we are old, 

Old to manage things around you? 

You forgot that we are the foundation, 

Foundation on which you thrived, 

Thrived as the tender leaves, 

Leaves that are talking now. 

Now, that you have climbed

Climbed, the success steps, don’t forget

Don’t forget, the leaves that you are, 

Are because of the roots called us”. 

Poetry Style – Loop Poetry

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash


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