Youthful Earth


𝙀nthralling and 𝙀nduring, 

𝙉ature that 𝙉estles, 

𝙑ibrant and 𝙑ivacious, 

𝙄nhabitants who 𝙄nhabit, 

𝙍elax and 𝙍ejoice 

𝙊n the 𝙊nly

𝙉est that 𝙉urtures, 

𝙈akes and 𝙈anages, 

𝙀arth and its 𝙀arthlings, 

𝙉ight to 𝙉oon 

𝙏hrough testing 𝙏imes, 

𝘿espite being 𝘿epleted, 

𝘼gonized and 𝘼gitated, she

𝙔earns to be 𝙔outhful


Let’s pledge to keep the Earth youthful on this Environment Day. 

Image by purwaka seta from Pixabay

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