Unread Letters


The beautiful casket in Dadi’s room, 

Always caught my attention. 

Curious that I was dared to zoom, 

As discovery was my intention. 


Dadi’s spying eyes, 

Caught me in the act. 

She wasn’t taken by surprise, 

And calmly she did react. 


She opened the casket

And there lay lots of letters. 

Each envelope bore the mascot, 

Of the army headers. 


“These were sent by Dada, 

When we got married you see. 

They are more valuable than your Prada, 

Well, don’t you agree”? 


” But you haven’t opened them, 

Haven’t you ready a single one? 

How do you know what’s in them? 

When you haven’t read none”? 


Well, I didn’t know to read, 

And he knew this well, 

He sent letters instead, 

Till the time he fell. 


He always used to say, 

That his letters had his heart, 

And that they would one day, 

Would be seen as  a piece of art”.


My eyes were moist, 

As I opened the letters one by one. 

Through each letter, his feelings voiced, 

And the journey had just begun.     


The title read “Unread Letters”

Glistening through the shiny cover, 

Each chapter sent jitters, 

As his life did uncover. 


At last, the unread letters were read, 

That were soaked with his emotions and blood, 

And his journey through a path one would dread,

Oh!  Dadi’s heart did flood. 

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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