The Musings of a Rickety Bench


After living through the centuries,
I just reminisced the days traveled,
The incidents that I witnessed
All from this park.

I saw infants gazing around
From the secure arms of their parents
I saw kids enjoying life to fullest,
Jumping around like a beautiful tempest.

The teenagers had their share of fun
Enjoying and spreading a cheer.
The lovebirds didn’t shy away
From holding hands and sharing hearts.

Some came lost in their thoughts,
Some shared a shoulder with spouse,
Some bid a teary goodbye,
And I was drenched in emotions

Many relations were made,
Many broke too.
New businesses were signed
And deals were fixed.

I withstood plenty wars,
And truce too.
I saw many leaders in my way
Who, went on to create history.

The tsunamis and hurricanes
Couldn’t shake me a bit.
I survived the quakes and flood
Like a brave warrior.

How I wish a writer loved me,
And gets ready to pen about me,
A book that could be titled,
“The Musings of a Rickety Bench”.


Photo by Ronaldo de Oliveira on Unsplash

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