The Bite of Gold


“You are wounded, 

You are broken, 

This is your end”! 

Her mind echoed, 

With these taunts from others. 

A fighter that she was, 

Resolved to face it with courage

And glue the broken pieces together. 

Like a rock, stood her family, 

By her side, all way through, 

As she practiced hard 

Clenching her pain, 

That was both physical and mental. 

The day then arrived, 

As she adorned the podium. 

Her mind echoed, 

The national anthem now

The lips that taunted once, 

Showered her with praises. 

The broken vase  

Indeed sprinkled the golden dust, 

As she bit the metal of gold.


Photo by Anton Maksimov juvnsky on Unsplash

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  1. too good Kirti….. to bite the “metal of Gold” it is important to be a fighter and “glue the broken pieces together” …. I just loved these simple yet impactful words….


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