The Greatest Wanderer

Who's the greatest wanderer,  Have you ever thought,  Who can it be?    Thoughts drift,  From present to past,  And to the future too.    The path that is taken,  Is sometimes known,  And sometimes unexplored too.    The journey is pleasant,  At times painful too,  But, isn't...

Thoughts, Just Thoughts

Plomp! I fell on the bed so green,  It felt so calm and serene.  The rays of the sun shone so bright,  That I could see phosphenes in daylight.    I know, numbered were my days,  As brighter became the...

She Wondered Aloud

With her crumpled dress and bruised body, She wondered aloud, If dad had waited till the bus came,  I could have been saved.  If mom had allowed me to learn karate,  I would have defended myself.  If the boys were...

Birth of a Poem

Inspirations plenty,  Gets us thinking abundantly How to interpret, how to present,  Oh! Plethora of confusions never seem to end.  Finally, when thoughts get the words,  Right, apt, a poem Is born. 


Deep thoughts seem to flow easily,  From Poet's Mind,  Pen.  From Artist's Canvas,  Brushes,  From Deep, thoughts seem to flow easily   Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

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