Tabebuia Rosea

The pink carpet, that canopies the road,  Creates a tunnel, so divine.  Shaped like a trumpet,  These pink flowers hum the tune,  Probably to usher in spring.  Or, to bid goodbye to winter.    The IT city got a wintery feel,  With...

Inspiring Nature

Myriad hues of Flowers, leaves, insects and birds Enhance the beauty.   Lessons they teach of Being pleasant and friendly Towards the brethren.   They help each other Despite the diversities. Ain't that inspiring?

Soothing.. Now??

Myriad hues so soothing,  Makes life go chirping,  As the birds dance around in glee,  My heart swoons unknowingly.    A sight like this is unmissable,  The image that's made isn't erasable.  Alas!! This has become just a dream,  As nature now...

Like a Silhouette

Our togetherness The universe seems to bless Don't you see, my dear?   The dark, starlit sky, The still waters of the lake, Reflect our pure love.   Swirling around you, With the cool, musical breeze, I feel ecstatic.   Resting myself on Your broad and caring...


Amidst fading trees walking hand in hand with you is indeed a bliss.    Just like our pure love, colours compliment the sky and the crowning leaves.   Warmth of your touch is like the breeze that caresses branches in winter.    Nature rejoices our divine union...

The Whispers of Love

The swaying trees,  The leaves caressing one another,  Oh! Were they in love?  Were they talking about their future? That alas! Wasn't in their hands?  Or were they just discussing the present And deciding to live the moment?  The gentle breeze...

Love of Rains

Rains, You quench The thirst of The parched,arid Earth and it's beings. The petrichor flags your Arrival on the lap of Nature, with your pitter-patter Oh! That urges the child within me To shed inhibitions and play with you.

Mute Witness

Alone she stood, along the unwinding shores Of the vast sea that rumbled often.  The bouncy waves caressed her legs,  And danced around her like a little child.    The rumblings that echoed, spoke in volumes Of the notes of...

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