Promise of Spring

Petals, blossoming petals Ravishing you look, Oozing out with beauty, Mesmerizing the beholder, Idyllic picture you paint, Sending in vibes of jealousy, Enraging the bestest artists in town, Soaking them in your hues and fragrance. O Spring! O Spring! Forever young aren't you? Soothing...

Nature’s Painting

Crimson sky, dusk time, home bound swans in multitudes, nature's masterpiece. Pic Courtesy : Brian Jeevan Fernandes

Smoke or Waterfall?

Is it frozen smoke or a frozen waterfall ? Magical isn't it? Pic courtesy : Badrinarayana Vengavasi Photography


Brown hills looked over their reflection with an awe as the snow melted. Pic Courtesy : Sain Singh

The Pink Bloom

Floral pink carpet, rolled on by nature herself, heralding the spring.

The Woods

Mesmerizing are the endless, enchanting woods, lush and magical.

The Meeting

Hills with lush green crowns reach out to the azure sky traversing the clouds.

The Musings of a Fallen Leaf

There i lay, Separated and alone. Desperate enough, To call someone my own.   Detached I was, From my home, And I now was, A building without a dome.   Tears trickles down my eyes  And drenched I was in it. Do I have a choice...

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