Promise of Spring


Petals, blossoming petals

Ravishing you look,

Oozing out with beauty,

Mesmerizing the beholder,

Idyllic picture you paint,

Sending in vibes of jealousy,

Enraging the bestest artists in town,

Soaking them in your hues and fragrance.

O Spring! O Spring!

Forever young aren’t you?

Soothing and calming everyone,

Promising positivity after a barren autumn,

Reassuring that life has better to offer,

In spite of the hardships you endure,

Now is the word and moment to live,

Great thoughts you bring along O Spring!!


Photo by Aamyr on Unsplash

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  1. Superb… Simple words… Easy to read and understand… Brings out the beauty of Spring to our eyes and ears… Keep writing… Still lots of poems to come..
    Loved reading it ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Wonderfully written!
    The spring is beautifully painted with your magical words and hues.. Seeing the season through the lines.. Foreseeing hopes and promises💛Of the spring💚and your words🧡

    Loved it❣️


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