Answers that Breathed Life

Worried he was, at the absence  of his youngest brother,  Who went in a quest To quench their thirst.    The number four was sent thereafter,  To bring back the lost soul And some water.  But all in vain.    Number three, a great...

She is Sea

Life originated from her,  Say the mythologies.  She is the mother to all,  Including you and me.  She was the path, Taken by Magellan and Gama,  As they set out to explore the world.  She stayed calm When battles were fought over...

Ashoka’s Atonement

The battlefield bore a deserted look,  With lifeless bodies strewn all over.  Some were sans heads and some sans limbs.  The mud was soaked in blood,  Not sure whose it was though.  The mighty king of Kalinga,  Stepped out to...

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