Answers that Breathed Life


Worried he was, at the absence 

of his youngest brother, 

Who went in a quest

To quench their thirst. 


The number four was sent thereafter, 

To bring back the lost soul

And some water. 

But all in vain. 


Number three, a great archer, 

Went next to win over, 

Whom he thought was the enemy, 

the reason behind the missing siblings. 


He failed to return, 

And the mighty wrestler went behind. 

He too was trapped,

And didn’t return to the righteous first born. 


The heart of the oldest, 

Paced fast in  agony. 

He vowed to find his brothers

And bring them back. 


Petrified he was to see them

Lie lifeless near the pond. 

A sound echoed through the woods, 

Claiming responsibility to the same. 


The voice said, 

“Answer my questions, 

Hey righteous one, 

And get rewarded too”.


He calmly heard the questions, 

And with a cool mind, 

Answered them, 

Answers that he thought were befitting. 


To his surprise, 

the voice seemed happy

And said, ” Your answers satisfied me, 

You can reclaim the life of one of your brothers. “


the voice was surprised, 

When he chose the youngest one. 

That too from his step mother, 

And couldn’t restrain from questioning him. 


The righteous one replied, 

“My mother has me, 

And she has none. 

So I wish to reclaim him… Ye heavenly voice”.


Pleased with his answers, 

The voice revealed himself. 

The Yaksha that he was, 

Gave life back to his brothers. 

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