Like a Silhouette

Our togetherness The universe seems to bless Don't you see, my dear?   The dark, starlit sky, The still waters of the lake, Reflect our pure love.   Swirling around you, With the cool, musical breeze, I feel ecstatic.   Resting myself on Your broad and caring...


Amidst fading trees walking hand in hand with you is indeed a bliss.    Just like our pure love, colours compliment the sky and the crowning leaves.   Warmth of your touch is like the breeze that caresses branches in winter.    Nature rejoices our divine union...

Mother’s Love

She smiled silently, As wholeheartedly she cooked But for whom, you know?   Maybe her parents Or, wait, for her dearest friends? Or her spouse who's tired?   No, her smile speaks more Of contentment and pure bliss Of feeding someone   Who's a part of...

The Bond

There she lay, all torn and battered,  And lost in the woods Sweeping the floor in agony and anguish.     The air carried the waft,  That was known to her and That made her weary eyes open.    She sensed the presence,  Of...


Hug, Comforts one Like a warm blanket, Soaking itself in our tears And soothing our wounded heart and soul Photo by Marco Bianchetti on Unsplash

Frozen Love

Those tightly clasped palms, Locked lips and eyes full of love Moments froze in time.


Below the lit sky With you by my side, oh love! Future looks so bright

Logos Love

I fell in love with you,  When I could barely stand. You fascinated me throughout,  As my fingers lingered over.    You became my solace,  At times of loneliness And I longed to be with you,  Than anyone else in the world.    You...

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