The Other Side

Mocked I was for my colour,  My race and my hair texture.  My diction was made fun of,  Making me feel small in front of the world.    I withdrew into self,  Became quieter to the core.  Introspection helped a lot,  As...

Amnesty – A Thought

A thought that's debatable,  An action that's questionable.  Who's eligible to receive,  How does one perceive?  Is it right or wrong?  People-lovers sing this song.  Amnesty is the name,  It has got bricks and fame.  The survivors refuse to give,  The wrong doers...

What Was Our Fault ?

The child all of four, Was assaulted by one and more. Poor soul bled to death, Is humanity under dearth ?   A girl in her early teens, Was crumpled by boys so mean. The scar that they left, Was more than...

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