The Bright Star

She gazed at the clear sky, Not traces of a cloud nor a star. The line moon smiled at her, And suddenly turned red.   Pain that she experienced, Was beyond words to explain. She felt blood gushing out, And she looked,...

A Positive Thought

Turbulent waves of life Heralds the better future Ensuring happy days ahead Yes, let's stay positive Encouraging one another,  Amassing the wealth of love,  Respect and friendship.  Tomorrow holds within Our hopes and dreams. Caressing them should be Our onus and only aim.  Marrying them...

A Pinch of Hope in a Bowl of Life

A Pinch of Hope in a Bowl of Life, the debut  short story collection of  Veena Sethuraman, stirs in hope with every word in the book. With 5 short stories, the author takes us...

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