Tabebuia Rosea


The pink carpet, that canopies the road, 

Creates a tunnel, so divine. 

Shaped like a trumpet, 

These pink flowers hum the tune, 

Probably to usher in spring. 

Or, to bid goodbye to winter. 


The IT city got a wintery feel, 

With the blooming Tabebuia Rosea. 

Introduced by the British, 

During the colonial rule, 

Tabebuia Rosea, has since added charm

To the beauty of Bengaluru. 


Resembling the Sakuras, 

Aptly called the Cherry Blossoms of Pengang, 

These flowers have the magic, 

That allures the eyes and mind. 

Leaving a sight that shouldn’t be missed

And an image that should be cherished. 


Pic Courtesy : @reflectionofmymemories

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