Supreme Dancer


The feminine feeling

Paced through the little heart

From the tender age of ten. 


Dance, was the only solace, 

To express the femininity, 

That remained hidden under the garbs of a boy. 


An era when only XX and XY were accepted, 

Made it difficult for the boy, 

Who bore the name of the supreme dancer. 


He ran away, to train further, 

And became an exponent, 

In the celestial dance form – Bharathanatyam. 


She called herself ‘Narthaki’

After her first stage presence, 

As a graceful FEmale dancer. 


She fought hard to 

Change the way society addressed them, 

Dignity is all that she demanded. 


Accolades come her way

As she continues to inspire everyone, 

Under the beautiful name – NARTHAKI NATRAJ. 


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