Rope of March 23


They were all in their twenties, 

When they kissed the death rope 

Never did their mind flutter, 

As freedom was their only hope. 

They smiled as the noose fell, 

And held their heads high. 

Their mother’s pride was at stake, 

And they couldn’t let that die. 

Their energy echoed through, 

The high walls of the Lahore prison, 

And reached the ears of the people, 

Who were anxiously waiting on the other side. 

Motherland’s independence ran in their veins, 

And no rope could restrain them. 

They never feared death, 

As such bravehearts were they. 

March 23 was  the date, 

When the rope sealed their fate. 

They were celebrated all over, 

With ‘Inquilab’ echoing through the skies. 


Photo by Mae Mu on Unsplash


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