One of the Kind


I was a loner,

Everywhere I used to go.

None wanted to be with me,

And my tears never ceased to flow.


My own types,

They ignored me,

As I disliked what they loved,

And turned blind to what they see.


The others, ahh.. they too

Didn’t appreciate my presence there,

For them, whatever I did,

They just didn’t care.


I realized I had to be strong,

And stand up for myself,

And decided to love me more,

As I had to appreciate self.


I am unique, I declared,

Being a boy, clothes I love to design

I didn’t want a football,

But scissors to chop through the line.


I am unique and proud of it,

And I really don’t mind,

What others think of me,

As I am one of the kind, that one can find.


Photo by Jessica Ruscello on Unsplash


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