New Birth


The cry of the little one, 

Woke him up from slumber. 

He looked at his tired wife,

And decided to calm the child. 


Confused that he was, 

Clueless on how to comfort, 

As he lifted the baby from the cradle, 

His hands were trembling in fear. 


The baby gurgled, 

And slept peacefully in his arms

His touch, probably magical, 

Brought a smile to the cherubic face. 


The dawn broke, 

Breaking away his fears. 

The rays of the sun fell on him, 

Giving birth to a father. 


He felt proud and ecstatic, 

As he held the little girl. 

His lips pursed to a smile, 

As he looked at the sleeping beauty. 


Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


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