Muffled Voice


I could hear the voices,

That awaited my arrival.

They said we will do this,

They said we will do that.


I knew they were mine,

And I belonged to them.

Lest I knew that,

That was just my misunderstanding.


Reality was far more severe,

As when they heard…

I was born XX,

My family was devastated.


They failed to recognise me,

I cried, “I am the same person,

To whom they spoke to,

For the past nine months.”


I cried, “I am the same person,

Who was within you mommy.

I can hear you weep,

Can’t you voice it out for me?


My voice went unheard,

Even though I was loud.

Is being XX a crime,

I continued to cry aloud.


My voice, was suppressed,

Under the layers of earth.

The mud muffled my breath and voice,

But I continued to cry.


Photo by Jessica Hearn on Unsplash

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