Masked Life



Living in a hiding, so far,

Away from your near and dear ones,

To not meet again even once,

Life becomes uncertain like war,

Decisions that would always marr

When one’s existence is at stake,

Hardly any choice left to make

You brace thyself for the future

Which is blurred and dark in nature.

Isn’t that really hard to take?


Was the decision yours or his?

Is that what you always wanted?

From home, was permission granted?

Do my questions sound like a quiz?

Can you answer me like a whizz?

Well, this is very confusing,

And gets me into deep thinking,

On how you live undercover

Through days and nights that pass over,

Isn’t it scary, life threatening?


Who will take up such type of task

Forging one’s job, identity?

Does this have credibility?

How can one live under a mask,

What is the glory that you bask?

What about the hearts that would cry?

Will they even know when you die?

You work for the country with stride

Without caring about your pride

It’s indeed hard being a SPY.


Photo courtesy : Photo by Tetiana SHYSHKINA on Unsplash 

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