If It Could Be True


“My Dear Mademoiselle! 

Tell me your wishes, 

I come to thee to fulfil them”, 

Said the blue coloured legless guy. 

Wow! Went my eyes and mouth, 

And I came up with my list so long. 

“A world trip

Meeting Harsha Bhogle, 

Winning a debate over Mr. Tharoor, 

Bringing out a book of my own, 

Every year and earning million readers, 

Living a relaxed life with family, 

These are a few from my wish list my genie”.

” May your wishes come true, 

Abracadabra gili gili….. “

Trrrrrinnnng … The spell was incomplete! 

Startled, I woke up to my alarm! 

Oh! Just a dream!!!





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