Detox and Rejuvenate


The month of monsoon, 

When pitter-patter, fall the raindrops, 

On my tiled roof. 

Gloomy sky, pregnant clouds, 

Set the mood for a lazy day. 

As a kid, I enjoyed, 

Walking in the rain, 

To school and back, 

Sporting colourful umbrellas, 

Ahhh.. the pride of holding one. 


Later, I oft wondered, 

How our diet changes. 

The gloominess affected, 

Our gastronomic senses too.

Our ancestors rightly planned,

Their food, based on seasons. 

Monsoon, was the season, 

To detox, rejuvenate and relax. 

The satvik diet was so planned,

Given fancy names now. 

But all have a significant connect, 

With the weather and climate though. 


Photo by Deepak H Nath on Unsplash


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