“She looks like a doll! “

Exclaimed the crowd in unison. 

Her cheeks blushed

And turned pinker than usual. 

She smiled as she walked past them, 

Waving and nodding to her fans. 


“She looks like a doll, badly battered! “

She exclaimed to herself. 

The mirror, revealed her true colour, 

That was actually pink sans the real blush. 

She smiled at the reflection, 

Ouch! She blurted in pain. 

The punches rained on her chubby cheeks, 

Rolled down as tears from her beautiful eyes. 


Taking a deep breath, 

She wiped away her tears. 

The pain too seemed to vanish, 

As she dabbed her rosy cheeks

With a brighter, rosy blush. 

Pic Courtesy : Photo by Taylor Heery on Unsplash

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