Best Gift


A sweet child he was, 

Bubbly and filled with energy. 

He was different from his peers, 

And hence was alone. 


His mannerisms irked all, 

His teachers, classmates, 

And even his parents, 

Whom he adored a lot. 


He oft felt sad, 

And tears trickled through

The bright, yet, yearning eyes. 

Those eyes that yearned for care. 


He sat lost in thoughts, 

When a soft touch startled him. 

A petite figure greeted him, 

With a sweetest smile ever. 


She, a new teacher, 

Made him feel better. 

She showered him with the care, 

That evaded him since he started school. 


With her around him, 

He felt wanted and heard. 

His yearning was put to rest

And his life began to flourish. 


He grew up to be the man, 

Who was desired by all. 

He became an author, 

And was considered an inspiration by many. 


Once while being felicitated,

He spoke about his GIFT from GOD. 

His teacher, who believed in him, 

When others turned their backs on him. 


He stepped down and 

Ushered her to the stage. 

Hugging her tight he exclaimed, 

“You are my best GIFT ever ma’am!!”

Pic Courtesy : Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash

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