Benevolent Shade


Your shade, so soothing,

Was our abode for ages.

Under you, we grew,

Laughed, cried and enjoyed.

You saw us as toddlers,

Running around you,

Singing Ring-around-the- roses.

As we grew,

Your shade grew too

And we basked under it,

During lunch and PE.

Your shade was the witness,

To our first crush and love.

We exchanged love notes and roses,

Aahhh… countless, don’t you agree?

You even witnessed our breakups,

As we drenched you in our tears.

You were the strong shoulder,

For us to pour out our woes.

Your shade has seen generations,

Umpteen rains and storms

Still you stand strong and

Your shade is benevolent as ever.

Aye mighty banyan,

You are the charm of our alma mater

And your shade, our best friend forever.


Photo by Reiseuhu on Unsplash

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