And I Surrendered


The love that was showered, 

Ahh.. Pure bliss twas, 

And I surrendered, 

To that love. 


The trust they had on me, 

Was more than expected, 

And I surrendered, 

To that trust. 


They believed in me so much, 

That they fought with their parents for me. 

And I surrendered, 

To that belief. 


They wrapped me with respect, 

That was truly from their little hearts, 

And I surrendered, 

To that respect. 


They smothered me with loving eyes, 

That hugged my heart tight. 

And I surrendered, 

To those hugs. 


The bond is so strong, 

Between a teacher and her students. 

And I surrendered, 

To that strong bond


Photo by CDC on Unsplash

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